There is nothing more powerful than passion made visible

Here you will find information on the various services that I provide, as well as a limited catalog of the Angie Harvey products including samples of my workshops and takeaways, available to order. Visit the growth page where I outline the details of Philosophy and check out the message board.

Knowledge is great power AND greater responsibility

I believe that everyone has the ability to create, maintain, nurture and live a harmonious, purposeful and peaceful life. This is both the journey and the destination. It’s not only about reaching specific goals but also sustaining what has been achieved by fully integrating the changed behavioral patterns and practical solutions into your life.


  • " After attending one of Angie’s Workshops I felt like I could do anything. She answered questions I had and those I hadn’t asked yet. She has the presence of Oprah, the wisdom of Dr. Phil, and the sense of humor of Whoopi Goldberg. She is a perfect vehicle for Personal Growth. "
    Sheryl Swoops, Retired WNBA Basketball Player
  • " Let's T.A.L.K. and Angie Harvey created a dynamic staff development training and tailored it specifically to my company's needs. Our employer/employee relations and company morale are at an all time high. I credit Angie for this wonder. "
    Cabral Miller, CEO, St. James & Company