What is Personal Growth

Growth is a continual learning process through and with positive thinking and a mind open to acquiring knowledge from people, places, things and circumstances you can improve interactions with others and your overall well-being.

Every step forward, even the smallest and seemingly unimportant, leads you further on your journey. The length of stride, the clarity of path depends on many factors, and optimal advancement is possible only in the best of conditions. These are articulated through 4 axes essential to cultivating growth.


If it isn't GROWING it's dead!

Only two plants on the planet can grow in complete darkness. One feeds off dead plant material and the other is a parasite. Plants need to be in their ideal environment to grow to their full potential, and so do we. And while it is important that the person that accompanies another in their growth process be able to create a space that is at once safe, comfortable and stimulating, it is as important that the environment in which this person evolves be propitious to growth as well. Optimal growth can best be achieved when it is encouraged and appreciated by one's circle of support (family, friends, etc.) and one feels confident with the elements within one's control.


Use your challenges as reasons to GROW forward!

There are many convenient stories we tell ourselves to brush off our shortcomings, disappointments and failures. These are convenient, indeed, but harmful to our growth process. Through self- examination, we can make of these unfortunate realities lessons to apply to change our circumstances. It demands that we be totally honest with ourselves, and to trust enough in ourselves to allow ourselves to be vulnerable with ourselves. It requires that we be willing to recognize, accept and own the challenges, and seek to make these teachable moments for ourselves. True self-examination also dictates that we be willing to accept and celebrate the great beings that we are.


Be Honest and GROW up!

Once the ideal environment is created and we have surveyed our mindscape, our emotional landscape, the time comes to engage in honest and open dialogue. It's voicing all these things that have been unearthed through self-examination, validating the perception, and acquiring knowledge through which will come solutions.


To GROW up you have to SHOW up!

It's the ability to detect the need for corrective measures, integrate acquired knowledge and change behavioral patterns. It's the ability to always bring your "A" game!

  • Aware: Constantly monitoring ourselves and our circumstances
  • Acknowledge: Recognizing a problem or a situation
  • Accept: To recognize as true
  • Action: Seeking and applying solutions to remedy the situation
  • After Care: Taking stock of the lesson learned and integrating the changed behavior